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Huaxia Institute of Nephrology treatment of kidney disease c

2017-07-10 17:53

Huaxia Institute of Nephrology treatment of kidney disease characteristics? What is the difference with other hospitals, especially in the treatment of intractable proteinuria, hematuria, and edema?
The biggest feature of the Huaxia Kidney Disease Institute in the treatment of kidney disease is that a large number of drugs have been used in the treatment. The most prominent experience is not directly for the treatment of kidney disease: symptoms of kidney disease take symptomatic treatment piecemeal, but for the treatment of wet poison, phlegm, phlegm and blood stasis with special effects "". To this end, the distinctive feature is the "clear poison" as the first essence of the "Qing poison therapy."". The basic principle is: "treat kidney first is clear poison, poison remove and disease self extinction". Throughout the course of the treatment of nephropathy, always adhere to the following five points:
1, spleen qi, dampness detoxification;
2, expelling wind and dampness, clearing collaterals and clearing away poison;
3, Qi Qi Tongfu, clearing turbid, clear poison;
4, tonifying kidney and promoting blood circulation, dispersing stasis and clearing away toxin;
5, nourishing kidney, cooling blood, clearing away heat and toxic materials;
Our hospital through the "clear poison therapy" can be accumulated in vivo accumulation of dampness, heat, turbidity and stasis of the toxin, the damaged kidney network can be repaired, the lung, spleen, kidney function returned to normal, so as to achieve the following results:
1, the kidney main water function can be restored, then edema disappeared.
2. The function of the kidney's ascending, descending, turbid and restoring functions of the kidney can be restored, and proteinuria disappeared.
3, the toxin discharge in vitro, the restoration of the choroid, Qi and blood running smoothly, then hematuria disappeared.
The implementation of these three functions ensures that chronic nephritis (including chronic kidney disease) in kidney disease can achieve a curative effect at the Institute of Chinese kidney disease.
The above is the Huaxia Institute of characteristics of nephropathy treating kidney disease and introduce characteristic therapy of TCM therapy, if you interested in or about kidney disease, can make the website message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Huaxia Institute of Nephrology treatment of kidney disease characteristics
Huaxia Institute of Nephrology treatment of kidney disease characteristics

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