Hua Xia: understanding of TCM in the formation of nephrosis

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Hua Xia: understanding of TCM in the formation of nephrosis

2017-07-10 17:51

How does Chinese medicine recognize the formation of kidney disease? Our hospital is mainly use Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease, through the characteristics of treatment, cured countless renal disease patients. Here we have a look at how Chinese medicine is to understand the formation of kidney disease.
Urinary protein belongs to the essence of Chinese medicine. The formation of urinary protein, there are three main ways: one is to temper poor, not ascending the clear and dispersing essence, subtle substance in bladder, loss from urine, appear proteinuria; two is Qi Yu Ben, not being, triple burner not smooth, not the essence of meridian, the loss in the urine, the formation of protein urine; three is the kidney essence loss, not sealed, the loss in the urine, the urine protein.
In conclusion, the formation of proteinuria is due to the weakness of both the lung, spleen and kidney, as well as the internal and external influences of the three. The formation of intractable proteinuria is due to the inclusion of various pathogenic factors, such as mutual causation and repeated aggravation.
The urine blood is formed because of heart, liver and spleen and kidney appeared to damage. The reason is the heart, liver, spleen and kidney were all affected by pathogenic wind, pathogenic heat and blood stasis infestation will urine blood. Therefore, the formation mechanism of the blood are four: one is the hot poison, burns vein, hemopyretic bleeding, blood veins, flow in the urine is hematuria; two is not enough to temper the blood, blood overflow pulse, urine and blood flow; three is the wind of catharsis, disturbance of renal collaterals. In the vein blood discharge, loss in urine, hematuria; four is a heavy block into stasis poison, renal collaterals, blood infiltration in the veins, the loss in the urine and urine.
Edema formation and lung spleen and kidney and the close relationship between the four. It is because of the wind, cold, dampness, blood stasis stagnation long body, deep into poison, causing lung spleen and kidney qi Jiao Qi disorder, disorder, there will be water wet to normal operation, the formation of edema. Therefore, the mechanism of edema formation also has four: one is the kidney is not the main water, water flooding wet skin and limbs, edema formation is not two; spleen water, water flooding wet skin and limbs edema formation; three is the purifying and descending function of the lung, the triple burner is not smooth, the water does not follow through, cause wet water overflowing skin and limb edema formation; four is the blood stasis of Qi, not the normal circulation of water wet gasification, overflow on the skin of limbs, edema formation.
The above is the understanding of Chinese medicine on the formation of kidney disease, and if there are questions about the characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment or kidney disease, you can leave a message on the website, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Hua Xia: understanding of TCM in the formation of nephrosis
Hua Xia: understanding of TCM in the formation of nephrosis

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