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How Chinese doctors know kidney disease in our hospital?

2017-07-10 17:44

The treatment of kidney disease in our hospital is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine and Western medicine have different understanding of kidney disease. Let me explain how they understand kidney disease.
Chinese medicine mainly considers that kidney disease is the kidney damage caused by the invasion of human body after the deficiency of Qi in human body.
The essence of deficiency of Qi is the manifestation of disharmony of Qi and blood in human body.
The toxin Qi refers to the six external evils which are easy to invade the human body and the five pathogenic Qi in the body. Six of them are the wind, dampness, cold, summer, dryness and fire in the natural environment. Five evil gas is the body self air, heat, cold, sputum (wet), blood stasis.
Chinese medicine believes that the body's lack of Qi is the root cause of kidney disease. The deficiency of human body Qi, in addition to a small number of people because of congenital defects, most people are caused by irregular diet, irregular living (often stay up late) and excessive fatigue caused by three aspects of Qi and blood.
Once the human body appears weak Qi, it is very vulnerable to six sexual violations in nature, and it is easy to produce five pathogenic gases in the body. Six with the outside world, with endogenous five evil, mutual cementation, common injury of human disease will eventually choose the viscera, the viscera in the weak position of disease, kidney, show, this is the kidney.
Chinese medicine believes that the kidney disease mainly in the kidney ( systemic disease of the kidney local manifestations), but the root is the lungs and spleen. The main reason is the lung and spleen deficiency syndrome appear, will appear in the lung and spleen evil lingering. That is, excess water, dampness, heat, turbidity and stasis in the lung and spleen can not be metabolize. For a long time, it turns into toxin, and poison causes kidney disease, which leads to nephrosis.
The above is our hospital Chinese medicine experts to explain their understanding of kidney disease, and if there are questions about kidney disease, you can leave a message on the website, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

How Chinese doctors know kidney disease in our hospital?
How Chinese doctors know kidney disease in our hospital?

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