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Weak kidney leads to many disease

2017-06-01 18:19
The various organs in human body are of mutual influence. Just like the so-called "domino". As the largest human detoxification organ, kidney can not only discharge the excretion of body wastes, but also regulate the body acid-base balance. Healthy kidney can not only guarantee the health of other organs, but also ensure the normal the operation function of the body, if the kidney is not good, so the viscera will get sick.
The human kidney is like a melting pot, and other organs after digestion, will bring waste, toxins and others to the kidney site from human body and make kidney metabolism, but kidneys being damaged, the toxin produced by other organs cannot be excreted into the normal circulation of the kidney, so it will accumulate in the organs, and ultimately lead to circulatory and metabolic diseases.
The kidney has not only metabolic toxin function, but also has the function of transmission of urine, so it not only can maintain the body moisture and acid-base balance, but also can maintain the normal physical function. It plays an important role in maintaining the balance of the viscera, so when kidney is not good, the viscera will get sick.
When the human kidney function get damaged, the patient will appear bloated, pale, and often feel physical fatigue, but also in the blues, with loss of appetite, lumbago, unresponsive and other symptoms, in addition, the sex ability of patients will be affected, it will not only affect the normal life of husband and wife, if can also lead to estrangement between partner, if noticing this kind of symptoms, please visit a doctor as soon as possible.
From the text above we can see that human organs are affecting each other, the positive  effects of kidney on human health is much surely we all know, in order to ensure their own health, reduce the incidence of nephropathy, we suggest that in life, stay away from eating too hardcore, exercise less. Bad habits such as causal medication when sick, often staying up late and other bad habits should be adjusted timely.

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