Senegal ambassador to China visited Shijiazhuang kidney hosp

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Senegal ambassador to China visited Shijiazhuang kidney hosp

2017-09-15 09:31

In April 26th, the Senegal ambassador to China and his wife came to our hospital for a visit. All the staff in our hospital welcome their arrival.

tongshantang kidney hospital

They took a look at our advanced medical equipment in our work clothes. Our medical staff gave them a detailed description of the medical equipment.

tongshantang kidney hospital

They also went to the lab in our hospital and made talking with our lab staff.

tongshantang kidney hospital

They are very interested in our traditional Chinese medicine, our doctor explained to them the types of traditional Chinese medicine and the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, show them the real traditional Chinese medicine and give them a detailed explanation.

tongshantang kidney hospital
tongshantang kidney hospital

They are very pleased to come to China, see the profound Chinese medicine. Shijiazhuang kidney hospital so that they see a different treatment, different cultures, they are very happy.

The staff is making a detailed explanation.


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