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Pay attention to urine in patients with nephropathy

2017-06-12 10:17

Pay attention to urine in patients with nephropathy. The urine is of great significance for human diseases, especially for kidney disease, but the urine should also comply with certain rules, the accuracy of information in order to urine.

Attention should be paid to the examination of urine in patients with nephropathy:

Urine collection time: any time to discharge urine can do routine laboratory tests. General nephropathy patients as the observation results before and after getting up in the morning, all the provisions of the first test.

Urine volume: 5 ~ 10ml, to measure the specific gravity of urine is not less than 50ml.

Urine urine specimens should be taken: the first part of the urine discharge drain to flush in the urethra and the anterior urethra bacteria, then the urine samples. Attention should not be taken into the urine of non urine ingredients: such as women do not mix with vaginal bleeding and menstrual blood, male patients do not mix with prostate fluid, etc..

Above is the point of attention to our urine renal disease patients are summarized, they hope to recover as soon as possible in patients with nephropathy.

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