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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney stones

2017-03-06 11:31

Life if suffering from kidney stones in patients with such disease how to do we treat it? This is a question many people are concerned about, because kidney stone disease incidence rate is relatively high, in the life plagued by many people, people understand the treatment method is very necessary, following with the view of small introduction.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney stones

The qingrelishi Qi: clearing heat and removing dampness medicine commonly used are moneywort, Cheqianzi, Lygodium, talc, Alisma, akebiaquinata, Tongcao, fructuskochiae and Pyrrosiae; Draining Dampness: Poria, Polyporus, red bean, coix seed. Qi Jieyu medicine: Radix Aucklandiae, Radix Linderae, Magnolia, peel, Cyperus, citrus, radish seed etc.. The utility model is mainly used for small stones with a diameter less than 0.8cm, which can improve the natural stone expulsion rate, reduce the operation rate and improve the renal function.

The qi stagnation and blood stasis: Huayu Xingqi Ruanjian drugs Sanleng and Ezhu, peachseed, Fructus aurantii and other formula, it can make the phosphate part of depigmentation, oxalate crystalline particles become blunt, broken structure. Moneywort, Shi Wei, tuckahoe, corn and other proprietary components can reduce the urinary calcium in urine of patients with large crystal ratio, improve the inhibitory activity of urine on growth and aggregation of calcium oxalate crystals, can prevent calcium formation and reduce the recurrence of urolithiasis.

Broken blood broken gas and Qi medicine to promote the movement of stone discharge, removal of obstruction: to ease the obstruction of ureteral calculi, reduce the operation rate. For moderate hydronephrosis, as long as there is no serious infection and progressive exacerbation, can be applied to the traditional Chinese medicine mainly non-surgical treatment. The kidney tonifying, blood activating and Qi tonifying drugs are beneficial to the recovery of renal function. In addition, the gravel treatment before and after the application of heat and dampness, stasis of Qi, detoxification, tonifying traditional Chinese medicine method.


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