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What is peritoneal dialysis?

2017-05-29 14:33
In peritoneal dialysis, a special sterile solution through the tube to the peritoneal cavity, abdominal cavity around the intestines, wherein the peritoneum acts as a semipermeable membrane. The liquid is left there to absorb the waste, and then removed by a sterile process through the tube. This is usually a repeated number of times during the day. In this case, ultrafiltration occurs when the permeation occurs due to a variety of osmotic forces in the dialysate to allow some control over the amount of liquid to be removed. During dialysis, in this case, the efficiency was lower than that in hemodialysis, but the ultrafiltration process was slow and soft, and was made in the patient's room. This gives them more control over their own lives than in hospitals or clinics based on the option of dialysis.
But it is also true that prudent and appropriate health can be at home, in the execution time as they perform is beneficial in patients with dialysis, in many cases, you can enjoy a better food and the patient in Guests feel at home. will be useful, because it can go out and walk a little conversation with others, because it has been shown that people with peritoneal dialysis can live to 10 years old, she did not feel nausea, plus food supplement, such as vitamin Diavion and in accordance with the rules of the doctor.

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